Raonjena Female Hair 029 ~ Fixed and pooklet’d

By | Juli 6, 2011
Hi! Raon released a very nice and natural looking hair, but it had a, awful bow/fascinator/whatever attached at the side, besides a huge scalp line and several gaps. I took the time to fix all that, and I think now it’s a perfect hair for those simmies who are natural and beautiful!
I had to add a custom scalp and that increases the filesize, but you can always use the Compressorizer if you wish 🙂
– This hair works for female teens, young adults, adults and elders.
– Two versions available: EA’s highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights (you can have both at the same time)
– The polycount is good. Around 6000+ polys for HQ and LQ.
– Both package and sims3pack formats available.
– Compatible with morph states and the breast slider.
Happy Simming! ^-^

(Click the pictures to enlarge)

– I Don’t Take Any Credit for The Mesh Itself.
– Please, don’t redistribute. Give credit to Raonjena and to me.
– Feel free to retexture this hair!
– Original hair by Raonjena


EA’s Highlights

PACKAGE: Mediafire // zShare
SIMS3PACK: Mediafire // zShare


Adjust-Shine Highlights

PACKAGE: Mediafire // zShare

SIMS3PACK: Mediafire // zShare


Model credits:
~ Skintones by Aikea / LemonLeaf / 234jiao / Ephemera
~ Eyes by LemonLeaf / ImminentFate / -Shady-
~ Lipsticks, blushes and eyeliner by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020

~ Flower headband by Me
~ Flower necklace by LemonLeaf
~ Clothes by Me / The Sims 3 Generations / The Sims 3 Late Night / The Store

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