Possible upcoming hairs ~ Good enough to share?

By | Maret 26, 2011
Ok guys, the poll is closed now, and most of you voted that both hairs are good enough to share. I’m starting (well, finishing) with B-fly’s hair. Here’s a little preview of it half-finished (don’t worry, there’s going to be a no-bow version as well)

Thanks for being awesome! ♥

Hi! I’ve been working with these two hairs, but I’m not sure if I like them or not. I really want to hear if you would download them or not before finishing them. B-flySims2 hair is like 20% done and Peggy’s like a 55%. Oh and both are high poly (over 10k) so I’m not really sure about them!

Please answer this poll and make it easier for me! 🙂

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