Peggy Hair 653 ~ Pooklet’d for all ages

Hi! This hair is… cute. You may not like it at first sight, so I recommend that if you have doubts you should download it and test it in your sims. I’m saying this because I didn’t like it at first but now I feel I can use it for formal outfits (that explains my models on wedding… Read More »

Amélie Buisson

Hi! This is my newest model, and she already has a fan! And that’s why she’s here now, for you! 😀 Have fun! ^-^ Amélie Buisson Amélie Buisson is a 25 years old girl from Champ Les Sims, but her actual residence is Bridgeport. She has the ability of changing her emotions on a whim, so sometimes it’s… Read More »

Replacing Hair Textures ~ Easy Tutorial!

UPDATED: I’ve been told that things with S3PE may not work, so I’ve adapted this tutorial to Postal, wich seems to work without any issues. ___________________________________________________ Hi! This is a simple tutorial to replace the textures on hairs and make your own retextures. What you need: – The latest version of S3PE OR the latest version of Postal… Read More »