Possible upcoming hairs ~ Good enough to share?

Ok guys, the poll is closed now, and most of you voted that both hairs are good enough to share. I’m starting (well, finishing) with B-fly’s hair. Here’s a little preview of it half-finished (don’t worry, there’s going to be a no-bow version as well) Thanks for being awesome! ♥ Hi! I’ve been working with these two hairs,… Read More »

Peggy Hair 661 ~ Pooklet’d for all ages

Hi! Another normal looking hair by Peggy, it’s rare so be grateful! 😀 It has a big bald spot that can be seen from certain angles, but nothing I would worry about (I’ve seen worse) Aaaand I know this is not as good as usual, the mesh is a little flat (not actually flat, but I think you… Read More »


It’s usual for me to download every CAS pack the Store releases (but not from the Store, of course XP) and take pics with the new stuff. Turn for the Street Couture set! Please click to enlarge! Megan felt a little embarrassed wearing her gothic lolita dress, or was it because of the bow I put in her… Read More »