Peggy Hair 7662 ~ Converted for teen-to-elder

Hi! I couldn’t believe myself when I saw this beautiful, natural and FREE hair by Peggy! But of course, it was borked: eye slider issues, bad bone assignments, horrid texture, missing lod’s, no morph states, etc. I re-converted it from the Sims2 version, and now it’s much more usable than before! 😀Once again, I’ve added a custom scalp… Read More »

Cotton Candy, Esperanza and Flower Dance Dresses ~ Now for Teens!

Hi! As promised, here are my last three dresses converted for teens.  Have fun! ^-^ (Click the pictures to enlarge) Flower Dance ~ Long Shirt + Skin Tight Jeans DOWNLOAD! Mediafire // zShare Adult version here  ___________________________________________________ Cotton Candy ~ Spring Dress    DOWNLOAD! Mediafire // zShare Adult version here  ___________________________________________________ Esperanza ~ Long Sleeve Dress DOWNLOAD! Mediafire… Read More »

Flower Dance ~ Long Shirt + Skin Tight Jeans

Hi! I really enjoy making clothes and matching colors, and this time I even added some nice stencils to the designs. This dress is reaaally short, so instead I decided to call it a long shirt and make some nice jeans to pair, to cut with the “reaaally short” feeling XD ~ This dress is for female young… Read More »

Megan Twalland ~ The Rocker Girl

Megan is my favorite model by far, and many of you seem to like her so much as I do, I can’t deny sharing her! This is a gift for all my Facebook Fans who chosed her to be uploaded for the celebration of reaching 1000 followers! Here she is guys! 😀 (Click the pictures to enlarge) Megan… Read More »