Megan Twalland ~ The Rocker Girl

By | Juni 15, 2011
Megan is my favorite model by far, and many of you seem to like her so much as I do, I can’t deny sharing her! This is a gift for all my Facebook Fans who chosed her to be uploaded for the celebration of reaching 1000 followers! Here she is guys! 😀

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MeganMain - Megan Twalland ~ The Rocker Girl

MeganMain2 - Megan Twalland ~ The Rocker Girl
MeganMuse - Megan Twalland ~ The Rocker GirlMegan face - Megan Twalland ~ The Rocker Girl
Megan Twalland
Megan is 23 years old, she was born in Riverview. She had a very lonely childhood, other kids bullied her because she had ginger hair, freckles, shy personality and taste for classical music. Megan had only one friend then, but when he moved out of town, she suddenly switched her personality. Feeling completely alone, Megan decided to change everything she didn’t like about herself: dying her hair black, using heavy make up and punk clothes, she stopped being introverted. She felt much secure about the woman she was, none would ever tease her again in highschool or anywhere, her personality grew strong.
Megan’s natural skills when it comes to music turned her into a complete musician, compositor, singer, guitar player and pianist. “I’ll show them that I can achieve anything I want. Someday, I will rule this world” she stated, “All they hatred made me strong and gave me the inspiration to move on and be the best”.
Right now, she’s living in Bridgeport, working as a singers co-worker in “BridgeportMusicalStars” and as a part-time model.
Traits List:
CC List:
– Lipstick by LemonfLeaf
– Eyeshadow by Lady Frontbum (romance)
– Blush by LemonLeaf
– Eyebrows by Jessica_2020
– Skin by 234jiao
– Hair by me (Peggy)
– Eyes by Ephemera
– Top from The Store
– Pants by The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack
– Boots from The Sims 3 (BaseGame)
– This sim has been packaged with EA default skin and hair.
– Built with game version 8.0.152 (BaseGame+WorldAdventures+Ambitions+Late Night+Outdoor Living+Generations)
– To install: Extract the .sim file into your “My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims” folder.
– This sim should be compatible with all the versions of the game, if not, please let me know.
– I am NOT going to upload a .sims3pack file, because the CC used would stick with the sim and cause issues.
– Make sure you have a file named “downloadedsims.index” in your SavedSims folder. If you don’t,  create it going to CAS and saving a sim to the bin.
Note: As Megan is using the Rebellious trait from Generations, I gave you a secondary link where she’s not using that trait, so in case you don’t have that expansion pack installed you can user her. I’m not sure if there’s a risk of using the Generations version if you don’t have it (but have the latest patch installed) so this is for prevention only 🙂
(Download this one if you don’t have Generations installed)

Megan dedicates this song to that kid who was her only friend, 
it expresses her deeper feelings.

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