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Third Anniversary! ~ Four gifts!

Hi guys! Yesterday, my site had its third birthday! Yay! 😀 And to celebrate, you are getting some nice gifts! I hope you like them! Thanks for these three years full of joy and happiness, you are the reason I keep creating! ♥ Champion Glory ~ Glee’s Nationals Dress  for teen-to-adult! This dress is based on Glee’s 3rd… Read More »

Abigail Bronsworth ~ Complete the Trio contest winner!

Hello there, let me introduce you to the winner of my last contest celebrated on Facebook and Tumblr. All the credits for this beautiful sim go for simsinspring, the original creator 😀 Happy simming! ^-^ Abigail Margaret Bronsworth    Abigail is a 20 years old girl from Australia. She had a hard chilhood, when she was 9 her parents… Read More »

María Luz Flores ~ The Latin Girl

Requested by many, here’s the version 2.0 of María! Hope you like her! ^-^ María Luz Flores María Luz is 22 years old and she was born in the Caribbean. She’s the smiling girl of the group, always joking around, it’s usual to see her dancing alone like if none else was around her. Also, María just can’t… Read More »

Athena Ricci ~ The Animal Lover

Hi! I want to share this sim with you. I’m very proud of her face, I could create something realistic for once! lolI hope you like her! 😀Have fun! ^-^(Open the pictures in a new window to enlarge) Athena Ricci    Athena is 19 years old and she was born in Hidden Springs. She lived in a farm… Read More »

Meena Arushi ~ Bollywood Model Contest Winner!

Hi! Let me introduce you to winner of the contest “Bollywood Model Wanted!” celebrated in my Facebook Page! All the credits for this beautiful sim go for Julija, the original creator 😀Happy Simming! ^-^(Click the pictures to enlarge) Meena Arushi    Meena was born in Bombay (India), since she was a little girl, she had a dream to become… Read More »

2nd Anniversary+4000 Facebook Fans Gifts!

Hello there! 😀I cannot believe I’ve been uploading stuff in my own site for two years! Honestly, I never expected to last that much! And all this was possible thanks to you, my unconditional fans and those who simply find my stuff good enough to be in their games.Thank you very much for everything you gave me! *virtual… Read More »

Elizabeth James ~ The Large Beauty

To celebrate the 2000 fans on my Facebook page, I give you one of my newest models!  I hope you like her! ^-^ (Click the pictures to enlarge) Elizabeth James Elizabeth is 25 years old, she was born in Appaloosa Plains. She works as a model for a one of the most important models agency in SimCity, doing… Read More »