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Third Anniversary! ~ Four gifts!

Hi guys! Yesterday, my site had its third birthday! Yay! 😀 And to celebrate, you are getting some nice gifts! I hope you like them! Thanks for these three years full of joy and happiness, you are the reason I keep creating! ♥ Champion Glory ~ Glee’s Nationals Dress  for teen-to-adult! This dress is based on Glee’s 3rd… Read More »

Rose Donate Hair 0080 ~ Converted for Teen-To-Elder

UPDATED! 12/30/11 This hair had the fat morph messed up, and it looked really bad when used in larger sims. Please re-download, delete old version and re-install the new one. Sorry for the inconveniences! 🙂 ________________________ Hi! This was one of my favorite hairs in TS2, but I couldn’t find a good version of it for TS3, so… Read More »

2nd Anniversary+4000 Facebook Fans Gifts!

Hello there! 😀I cannot believe I’ve been uploading stuff in my own site for two years! Honestly, I never expected to last that much! And all this was possible thanks to you, my unconditional fans and those who simply find my stuff good enough to be in their games.Thank you very much for everything you gave me! *virtual… Read More »

Peggy Hair 7662 ~ Converted for teen-to-elder

Hi! I couldn’t believe myself when I saw this beautiful, natural and FREE hair by Peggy! But of course, it was borked: eye slider issues, bad bone assignments, horrid texture, missing lod’s, no morph states, etc. I re-converted it from the Sims2 version, and now it’s much more usable than before! 😀Once again, I’ve added a custom scalp… Read More »

Peggy Hair 4095 ~ Converted for teen-to-elder

Hi! Looking for male hairs, I saw this style at Peggy’s, but it was an early conversion and had some issues, so I decided to make my own version of it 🙂 – This hair works for male teens, young adults, adults and elders. – Two versions available: EA’s highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights (you can have both installed… Read More »

Anto Flower Headband ~ New version!

Hi! I was updating this accessory to be used with aWT’s  slider hacks when I realised I could have done a better job with some textures 😛So here is a re-edition of Anto’s headband 🙂 ~ This headband can be found under glasses, for all clothing categories. ~ It works for teen-to-elder only. ~ Four desings included. ~… Read More »