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Enchanted Melody ~ Sweater and Lace Skirt

Hi! I’ve been super busy with college, so I could work on my clothes for a few moments every week, these two simple clothes took forever to be finished XD Also didn’t have time to make it for teens, else it would have taken another week for it to be finished lolThis is kind of like a set,… Read More »

Falling Star ~ Peter pan collared dress for teen to adult

Hi! Sorry for not uploading anything for so much time, but I was busy playing Tera! hehehe 😀Today I bring you a nice peter pan collared dress with long sleeves, that is also available as outerwear! And as usual, I also made it for teens 🙂 ~ Outfit is under everyday, formal, outerwear and career categories, for female… Read More »

Amber Sky ~ Lace dress for YA’s-to-Elder

Hi! Time for something simple, yet cute. A nice dress with a lace layer paired with a belt, perfect for that date with your beloved one! I also made it for elders, I think it looks pretty good on them! 😀 ~ Outfit is under everyday, formal, and career categories, for female young adults, adults and elders only.~ Two… Read More »

Sweet Victory ~ Outfit for teen-to-adult

Hi! I hope you don’t hate me for my current obsession with shorts, it’s just that they look so pretty in all kind of sims! For this one I “found” a floral pattern from base game, I ignored its existence for 4 years and now I’m going to over abuse it. I wanted to make the shorts look… Read More »

Blazing Flake ~ Outerwear Coat for Males

Hi! I know I never do anything for males, so I had to tried at least once again! Seasons did not include any coat for males, so I had to make one. Hope you like it!~ Outfit is under everyday, formal, outerwear and career categories, for male young adults and adults only.~ Three recolorable channels, fully morphs supported.~… Read More »