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Sunset Caramel ~ Kawaii Mini Dress for Teen-to-Adult

Hi there! I’m trying to make that perfect, little, cute, frilly dress that has been on my mind for years, and with this one I’m really close to make what I want! It is short, I was on the hence of making shorter so it showed the sim’s panties but I guess it would have been too much!… Read More »

Dulcet Tone ~ Collared Dress with Bow for Teen-to-Adult

Hi there! Yet another cutie pie dress for your sims, because why not? I can’t have enough of this dresses for my girls. And this one is actually really versatile, it can look either like a nice dress or a school uniform. And the bow is a detail that makes the dress! ~ Dress is under everyday, formal… Read More »

Serene Breeze ~ Collared Dress for Teens-to-Adult

Hi there everyone! I know, I know, I haven’t uploaded anything for months, but I’m still alive! lolCollege got me really busy, and on my free time all I wanted to do was playing some PC games and not running photoshop again. Anyways! Here I am, with a new dress that comes in three versions: sleeveless, sleeved and… Read More »

Love Paradise ~ Summer Dress for Teen-to-Adult

Hi there everyone! Haven’t been around since they hacked my tumblr, and that kind of brought me down a little, so I took some time for myself. And in that time I made this dress! It didn’t took so long, but I was feeling lazy and so! lolIt might have some clipping issues, same as the original EA… Read More »

Bird Lullaby ~ Spring dress for Teens-to-Adult

Hello there! Because this week on college was calmer, I had time to create a new simply, girly dress. Perfect for this spring season! It has some watercolor stencils and one plain design to make it even more versatile. ~ Dress is under everyday, formal, and career categories, for female teens, young adults and adults only.~ Three recolorable channels,… Read More »

Night Charm ~ Dress with Organza Layer for Teen-to-Adult

Hello there! I’ve been trying to make a dress with a semi-transparent layer, and it’s not particulary easy to do something like that in TS3. Besides the process of making it (wich is fairly easy) the final product doesn’t look as good as you can imagine, the layer partially takes the color of the sim’s skin, so it… Read More »