About Peggy hairs not showing up since patch 1.26

By | November 12, 2011

Hi! It’s me making an announcement again XD
Many, many of you have told me that child and toddler versions of Peggy hairs don’t work anymore since the patch 1.26 came out. Well, I have no idea why does this happen, those hairs don’t work for me either, and I don’t know if it’s fixable or not, at least now there’s nothing I can do since I totally ignore the reason why those hairs no longer appear in CAS. All I can say, just delete them from your Mods/Packages folder, because there are a plain waste of space and resources right now. I merely retextured those hairs, I don’t support them and I’m not responsible of this kind of malfunction, that’s something Peggy should do and work on.

TL;DR: I know some Peggy hairs don’t work, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Just delete them till we found a solution! (if we ever find one) 

Hope you understand! ^-^


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